Miraculous Results from a Scarcity Reality2 min read

Mark 6 is a study in scarcity.

First the apostles are sent out to do demon-casting mission work. Their instructions quite clear: take a staff, a shirt and one pair of sandals. But no bread, no bag, and no money. They obey and go and do. And the results are miraculous.

Surprisingly, no griping or complaining are recorded. Interesting.

Upon their returning exhausted and depressed, especially when hearing of cousin John’s beheading, Jesus suggests they get away. Something more monastic than momentous.

Crowds are crowds, however, and Jesus magnetic, so the solitary retreat becomes a one-day lecture with not enough food.

Scarcity again.

The Apostles are intelligent crowd managers. “Send them away to buy their own food.”  Jesus, ‘Compassion Personified’ especially around crowds in need, relieves them not of responsibility: “You give them something to eat.”

“Way too expensive,” the boys respond. “One-half of a year’s wages. Crazy stupid cost.”

Scarcity mindset sets in.

“What do you have? Go and see.” And they bring back five loaves and two fish, scarcely enough for thousands of hungry folk. Yet, Jesus breaks and blesses and beckons the boys to distribute.

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Scarcity becomes plenty. More than plenty. Enough for each of the apostles to take home a basketful for his family.

How easy it is to let scarcity shut down our attitude and action. How soon we forget that scarcity is Jesus’ preferred reality. (See Good Friday.) It builds character by building dependency. Ours is not a solo, top-of-the-heap life.

When faced with a scarce reality, remember the presence of Jesus. Wherever Jesus is, we have more than enough. He is the One able to do immeasurably more than we could ask or imagine. His Word works wonders. Out of the ordinary, His kingdom routinely flows.

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What an honor to be one of His ordinary people called to miraculous work.

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