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A2E is a strategic and holistic urban outreach initiative of the Michigan District, LCMS, created to bring help to challenging communities in our state such as Detroit, Pontiac, Flint, and Benton Harbor. One of the ways in which A2E reaches out into the community is through its annual Sports Camps/VBS. These programs provide urban children with a week of activities in a safe and caring environment, including a nutritious meal. Some of the kids in attendance come from very stable homes with a mom and a dad, some from single-parent homes, and some from the foster care community.

Surrounding the hundreds of children that attend the Sports Camps/VBS are willing, able, and caring individuals who are trained to share the Gospel message
with children in a way they can comprehend, and then make these teachings part of their lives. Many of the volunteers come back year after year from LCMS congregations throughout the Michigan District, to mentor and teach young lives about Christ. Bailey Hansen is one of these volunteers, and she brings a lot of joy along with her.

This year, as part of the 500th Lutheran Reformation anniversary, A2E Sports Camp/VBS has been chosen as the Hearts for Jesus recipient through the Michigan District’s Here We Stand campaign. To learn more, or to donate, click here.

Photo by Elisa Schulz/Michigan District, LCMS

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