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In the heart of Jenison, there is a beacon of faith that shines through the digital realm. Allendale Christian Media (ACM), an initiative of St. John Lutheran Church, is dedicated to spreading the message of Christ’s love and fostering a sense of community through various media platforms, especially through their animations.

“People can think it’s just cartoons, but no—it’s animation and it’s very popular in what people want to see. Disney built their whole empire on animation,” said Kevin Collier.

Kevin and Kristen Collier lead the ACM ministry. Along with sermon recordings, talk shows, films, and streaming of church services, ACM is sharing the Gospel message in far-reaching ways. The Colliers created Tiny Ocean Tails—an animated series that shares biblical messages through cute ocean creatures. Right now, you can find their episodes on YouTube.

Another project they’re working on is Bible Bea. Kevin just completed this animation. Bible Bea features Scripture lessons and even introduces children to Greek and Hebrew words from biblical times. “Each show will be a lesson from the Bible and Beatrice will describe what it is,” said Kevin.

About a decade ago, the Colliers started this ministry with Marty and the 10 Commandments. It features Martin Luther nailing the 10 Commandments and their meaning to Wittenberg’s Castle Church. These animations are also on YouTube.

With so many companies straying from family-friendly shows, the Colliers felt they needed to fill a void. Their animations feature wholesome entertainment with biblical lessons. “This is my calling,” said Kristen.

Kevin and Kristen have gotten some big names to jump on board and lend their voices to their projects. Corbin Bernsen, Marta Kristen from Lost in Space, and Foreigner’s front man, Lou Gramm, are the voices of underwater sea creatures the Colliers have created.

Kristen uses the program Cartoon Animator 4 to create her cartoons. At the cost of just $150, she wants other congregations to know how easy and accessible this program is for Lutheran classrooms. “You don’t have to be an artist to do animation,” says Kristen. “This is something a young person can use.”

For more information and links to the Allendale Christian Media projects, see below:

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Video and photo by Jeff Heisner/Michigan District, LCMS

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