Jesus Bore our Eternal Separation in a Moment1 min read

Our days on this shadowed orb

consume us with illusions of endless desperation.

Sin’s iron grasp on our souls

draws us ever closer to death’s gaping maw,

threatening to swallow us irrevocably into its infinite ALONE!


For such a time as THIS…


The eternal LORD who shaped our clay

defied the logic of His finite creatures,

by choosing our darkness of forsakenness.


He swallowed it whole in that instant of time,

Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachtani!


It was a moment as our world counts time,

yet its reach is eternal through His nail-pierced hands,

drawing us, NOW, into His loving embrace,

with the Father & Spirit, a forever ONE!

                                                                               (See Mark 15:22–39)

Photo (c) Pearl/Lightstock

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About the Author

Rev. Dr. Todd Biermann is Senior Pastor of Faith, Grand Blanc. A parish pastor since 1990, he completed his D. Min. degree related to Christian marriage in 2012. He and his wife, Heather, have been presenting "Marriage in God’s Way" seminars since 2006. Dr. Biermann's new book, "Handing Out Life," helps unlock the mystery to rewarding relationships with God, family, friends, work associates, and even enemies. The Biermanns have two children, Hannah and Micah.

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