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POBLO International has launched its (2015-2016) “More than a Backpack” school project! The More than a Backpack project provides your school or youth group with an exciting opportunity to learn more about what it’s like to be a refugee—a topic that is particularly relevant and timely given the current global refugee crisis. The Bible is full of stories about refugees, and Jesus Himself was a refugee for a time, so this is an issue that we, as Christians, should care deeply about.

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This project will provide your school or youth group with two primary resources:

  • A video that illustrates what it’s like to be a refugee and gives students a chance to hear from refugees whose lives are being changed through POBLO.
  • A mini social studies curriculum that provides an opportunity for your students to learn about what it’s like to grow up as a child in Bangladesh, Iraq, and Pakistan, why people become refugees, what the Bible says about refugees, and how Christians should respond to refugees.

Teachers can use this curriculum as a teaching tool, and the video can be shown in chapel, classrooms, or other group settings. In addition to educating students, the curriculum provides tangible opportunities for students to get involved in the More than a Backpack project. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to support refugee children and their families through chapel donations.

We encourage you to consider adopting “More than a Backpack” as a project for your school or youth group this year. It’s a great way to educate youth on an important issue and give them a chance to make a difference in the lives of refugee children who come to the United States with little more than a backpack.

For more information or to request the “More than a Backpack” project resources, contact us at or 586.477.1530

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Rev. Dr. Gary Rohwer is the Director of Missions and Education at POBLO International. He has served in Gospel outreach, community engagement, and church planting for over 30 years, with experience in Nigeria, Pakistan, India, Los Angeles, and Detroit. Dr. Rohwer has served among a dozen different Muslim ethnic groups and trains missionaries and congregations on how to engage their multi-cultural communities and share Christ’s love in culturally relevant ways.

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