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This was the theme for our 2015 Summer Sports Camp/VBS. As I consider this past summer’s endeavor, I thank God first of all for you, the many supporters across the Michigan District who made this mission outreach possible. It is because of your incredible generosity, your faithful prayers, and your wonderful encouragement that God allowed us to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit so that hearts may be touched and lives may be transformed.

There were many shining moments in regards to the sports camp/VBS. First, it was a historical occasion to have 3 sports camps this summer. In 2013 we had one on the East Side of Detroit. In 2014 we hosted two camps: one on the East Side and one on the West Side. In 2015 we stepped out in faith to offer three sports camps: the third camp was hosted by St. Paul Community Lutheran Church, Pontiac.

2015 Detroit Sports Camp-133Our greatest challenge this year was the rain. At the East Side camp, which was held in June, there was rain on two days. On the very first night it rained so heavily that everyone and everything had to be relocated to Bethany Lutheran’s gym. On the third day it rained again, which no doubt scared off some possible attendees and created soggy field conditions. However, the East Side saw a total number of 87 participants. We were wonderfully blessed to be able share the message of God’s grace and the power of Holy Baptism.

The West Side sports camp/VBS saw one day of rain. We were richly blessed to be able to hold the event at Greenfield Peace School’s premises. Pastor Eddie Morales of Faith, Outer Drive, was the host pastor. We were blessed to see the abundance of food being distributed to families whose stories were filled with hurt and need. I enjoyed a great conversation with a young man who had been unemployed for an extended amount of time, who was divorced, and who spoke about the hurt in his life. The opportunity to share the hope and power of God in his circumstances was a high point for me at the camp. We saw a total of 53 children at the West Side camp.

Our final camp/VBS was held at the site of St. Trinity, Clarkston. Pastor Dietrick Gladden was the catalyst for this camp. He worked diligently to bring children Clarkston-25from Pontiac to the site in Clarkston. We saw a wonderful collaboration between St. Paul, Pontiac, and Project Compassion, which allowed St. Paul to transport the children each day to the beautiful, 22- acre site. It was exciting to see people working together on this Kingdom endeavor. This camp/VBS also had to contend with rain on its first day. This resulted in moving the activities inside to the gym. We celebrated this new endeavor with 67 children.

At all three camps/VBS the children received a meal of some kind. At the end of each of these camps the children were able to enjoy an inflatable obstacle course. We are so thankful for the loving and positive spirit which was in the camps. Parents, participants, and summer missionaries were able to witness the power of unity and purpose for the glory of God.

We pray now that the seeds which were sown may develop into a harvest in the coming future. Michigan District, to God be glory and thank you for partnering with Acts 2 Enterprise in expanding the kingdom of God.

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Rev. Christopher Bodley is Missionary-at-large in Detroit for A2E for the Michigan District, LCMS and pastor of Bethany, Detroit.

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