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As someone who was raised to love sports, I am reminded of how following through makes a big difference. I was taught to shoot a basketball and follow through with my hand, as if it was disappearing into the cookie jar reaching for the last cookie, securely found at the jar’s bottom. In football, a pass was often incomplete because someone short-changed their follow through in the throwing process. In life, following through can determine a lot about future successes and failures. Investments in homework, studying, reading, and writing often lead to great opportunities and continued success.

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You and I have an opportunity to help children in Lutheran Schools by following through on something scripture talks often about, “the future generations.” This idea is described in Psalm 71:18 as the Psalmist writes, “Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, O God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your might to all who are to come.” This is accomplished in varying ways, from praying for children you know to mentoring a younger person and helping them make good decisions. Another, mostly unheard-of way, is to provide scholarships for children attending Michigan District Lutheran Schools by contributing to the Michigan District’s Urban Scholarship Fund. Last year, over $15,000 in interest was provided to a variety of schools to assist families in paying the cost of attending a Lutheran School.

Many of these families undertake this cost because they see great value in what their community Lutheran School offers. They value a place that reinforces Biblical principles, that teaches a Christian worldview, that supports moms and dads in their most important endeavor—raising children who know Jesus and become His lifelong disciples. These children, the next generation, need your follow through to help pay for a Lutheran Education. Growing up in Milwaukee, I realized the power of community when my dad died after my freshmen year at Milwaukee Lutheran. Aunts and Uncles, neighbors and friends helped my mom and I do things that often seemed impossible. Yet God provided them the opportunity to serve and they enthusiastically helped a fourteen-year-old and his family grow amidst hardship.

I am asking you to consider a gift to help your Lutheran Schools continue to share Christ with students and their families. We have an opportunity to follow through on supporting these families by sharing our earthly treasures so that they may have a heavenly impact. Only the interest from this fund is used to provide scholarships for families in communities served by Lutheran schools in Saginaw, Flint, Warren, Redford, Eastpointe and Pontiac. Your investment not only helps a child learn about being a good U.S. citizen but it also helps them consider their heavenly residence for all eternity. If you would like to help, please send your gift to the Michigan District, c/o Bruce Braun. If you would like to talk about this, contact him at

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Dr. Bruce Braun, emeritus, served many years as Superintendent of Schools for the Michigan District, LCMS.

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