Adjusting Sails in a Click to Share Culture1 min read

The Need

Facebook alone has a membership of 1.11 billion active usersOver the course of the past two or three years, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest have increasingly become visual-driven networks, where pictures are the new headline—sometimes it’s all people see regarding a particular story.

Newsfeeds stack up with photos and graphics all subtly committed to memory. Without positive, encouraging messages and imagery, imagine where the winds of secular society could guide our thoughts and potentially our actions.

There is a great need for a strong Lutheran presence online. We have a God-given message to share, a voice in times of trouble. We must commit to producing positive messages of hope; encourage people to dig deeper, to get past the visual; and consistently share the Gospel message.

Dedicated Resources

Commitment to this cause means dedicating person power. We need all hands on deck: managers, writers, photographers, programmers, and videographers adjusting the sails, pointing back to the arms of our loving, risen Christ.

Loving, Organized Guidance

An organized effort will produce a steady stream of uplifting content that floods into the social networks. Varied content from photos, written words, graphics, to videos will ensure that the message reaches people where they are and never becomes white noise.

We are not aiming to control the wind, the constant pressures of secular society. We aim to adjust the sails, providing Christian context, encouragement, and guidance for godly living in a world captivated by sin.

photo courtesy RobBole via Flickr

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