Proposal 3 Resources

The following are resources for the upcoming vote regarding Michigan’s Proposal 3 on the November 8, 2022 ballot:


Michigan  District Encourages Discussion on Prop 3. A message from Rev. David A. Davis and Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier

“I didn’t kNOw”   produced by Grace, Coopersville. An MP4 file is also available to download in Dropbox.

Know Prop 3 Includes further videos explaining the legal ramifications of Prop 3.

Paul Clark’s Message at the All Pastors Conference (October 2022)

Sermon on “Life” by Rev. Gabe Kasper at University Lutheran Chapel, Ann Arbor

Message from Rev. Tim & Lisa Bollinger to Shepherd’s Gate, Shelby Township

Too Many Voices Sermon by Rev. Tim Bollinger on October 23, 2022


Proposition 3 with Rev. Paul Clark and Rev. Dennis Matyas

Leading Compassionately after Roe v. Wade with Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier and Penny Armbruster of The Luke Clinic


Election Season and the Christians Responsibilities by Rev. Dennis Matyas

Abortion: Why it is Against God’s Plan by 8th grader Lilli V.

When the Tough Get Tougher by Rev. Paul Clark

Other Links and Resources

Abortion Recovery Support

Citizens to Support Michigan Women and Children – Includes the amendment to the Michigan constitution summary and other downloadable resources.

Right to Life of Michigan

State of Michigan Voter Registration Information Voters can register in person up to and even on the election day.