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Rev. Paul Clark, President Lutherans for Life of Michigan, and Rev. Dennis Matyas, pastor of St. Paul, Bay City join the Thought Leader Podcast to discuss the State of Michigan’s Proposal 3 and the fight to keep it from passing. For more information and resources on Proposal 3, click here.

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Lisa Goss - October 18, 2022

Thank you Pastor Clark and Pastor Matyas for all you do to help protect the unborn. I am blessed to know both of you.

Mark R Pflug - October 18, 2022


Sandra Kay Scherbarth - October 19, 2022

Save The Babies!!!!

JUDITH IRMA Schultz - October 20, 2022

HOW UPSETTING! ” I DIDN’T KNOW,” but now we do! We pray, God ,please help us.

Michael Kausch - October 22, 2022

Thanks for sharing this. I am so happy that the Michigan District is being so forward in combatting this evil proposal.

Zachary Wayne Siple - October 23, 2022

I’m pro-life and very passionate about the abortion debate. (I’m a Lutheran as well.) One of my Pastors told us to listen to this podcast, and I am so glad I did. I will vote NO on Prop 3 to save the babies, born and unborn. 🙂

Debbie Wittke - November 1, 2022

Amen and Amen ❣️