Youth Alliance: A Youth and Family Network

Youth Alliance: A Youth and Family Network

Youth Alliance LogoHave you ever wanted to be part of a “bigger picture” in church work ministry? Do you sometimes feel like you are on an island all by yourself? Have you noticed that the pastor of your church meets with fellow pastors in the circuit, but you don’t have any network like that for yourself?

Wait no longer! The Youth Alliance of the Michigan District has begun forming a cohort of fellow church workers that are on the same island. This island of Youth and Family Ministry includes a wide range of ministries that helps strengthen you and others in what God has called us to be (servants).

In this Alliance, we will have an environment for open discussion among fellow church workers and their friends. In this group, we can share what we are discovering, what we are having troubles with, and how we are receiving the joys the ministry brings. This is also a great place to share helpful resources that we have run across–from games to books to video illustrations. We will put up discussion topics, to share our faith in the best way we know how. Ultimately, the goal of YAMD (Youth Alliance, Michigan District) is to be a sounding board of Christ’s love for all who participate.

Please consider joining this awesome group of believers on Facebook and feel free to share it with your like-minded friends.  +To God be the glory+