South and East Pastors Conference 2022: Fault Lines

South and East Pastors Conference 2022 – Fault Lines – Playlist

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Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, and “wokeness” are concepts that reveal a massive cultural and political chasm between two diametrically opposed worldviews. Join us as we learn more about our nation’s Fault Lines. Our speaker is Rev. Fredric Hinz, Public Policy Advocate for the Minnesota Districts of the LCMS. From his vantage point, Hinz will provide an overview of a newly emergent worldview whose stated aim is the destabilization of our liberal democracy and the marginalization/destruction of the institutional Church, and will also point us to the much-needed antidotes the Christian Gospel offers us in our time of national need.

What does this mean? For centuries, the belief that there was truth was not questioned. Certainly, there was a great deal of debate about what was true and who had the right to determine truth. Yet, the concept of truth remained central to our framework as a society. As if it was a ripple that has crossed time when Pilot dropped the pebble in the pond, “What is truth” modern culture in the U.S. is in rebellion against the idea of truth. That rebellion challenges our comfortable and battle-tested approaches to ministry and mission. Dr. Jones’ presentation will propose strategies for equipping God’s people to be firmly rooted in God’s Word while testifying to God’s truth through word and deed. The presentation will focus on three aspects of pastoral ministry: children’s ministry—laying a foundation of truth; youth ministry—our identity in Christ; and new member classes—untangling the knots.

Conference Booklet | PDF of Slides – Rev. Fredric Hinz Sessions  | PDF of Slides – Rev. Dr. Todd Jones Sessions 


  • Opening Worship Service Message – Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier
  • Session 1: An Historical Overview of Critical Theory and Its Modern Manifestation – CRT – Rev. Fredric G. Hinz
  • Session 2: CRT: A Militant, Alien Theology and Suggested Responses to It – Rev. Fredric G. Hinz
  • Session 3: Unintended Consequences in Pastoral Ministry – Rev. Dr. Todd A. Jones
  • Session 4: Understanding and Applying Two Kingdoms Theology in the Modern American Context – Rev. Fredric G. Hinz
  • Session 5: Sin and the Mission of God – Rev. Dr. Todd A. Jones
  • President’s Report – Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier


Rev. Fredric G. Hinz
Public Policy Advocate for Minnesota North and South Districts, LCMS

Rev. Fredric Hinz serves as Public Policy Advocate for both Minnesota North and South Districts of the LCMS. As such, he represents the LCMS in matters pertaining to life issues (abortion and doctor-assisted suicide), issues related to marriage, family, and sexuality, and issues related to religious freedom, including parental choice in education. A graduate of Concordia University Nebraska, Chicago State University, and Luther Northwestern Seminary, Hinz has taught biological science at both the high school and college levels, owned and operated retail shoe stores, and served as a parish pastor in St. James, Minn. and Gaylord, Minn. In addition to active engagement in the public policy matters of the Synod, Pastor Hinz also advocates for the advancement of intelligent design theory. Hinz and his wife, Rachel, have three married children and 10 grandchildren. They reside in Gaylord, Minn.


Rev. Dr. Todd. A. Jones
Assistant to the President for Continuing Education and New Start Development, Michigan District, LCMS

Dr. Todd Jones grew up in the Dallas, Texas area. He is a graduate of Concordia Seminary in St. Louis, Mo. In addition to serving parishes South Dakota and Arkansas, he worked as a church planter in Southern California and as a mission developer of several new starts in Northwest Arkansas. He also assisted in church planter training in India, Bangladesh, Tanzania, and Nigeria. In the summer of 2013, Todd received a call to join the faculty in the practical theology department of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Besides teaching, he was the director of the Residential Field Education program, the Summer Vicarage program, and the Mission track. In 2018, Todd completed his PhD in Intercultural Training. He currently serves the Michigan District as the assistant to the president for continuing education and new start development. God has blessed him and his wife Susan with two wonderful children and five grandchildren.