Parish Paper – 2016

P P — 1 — 2016 How Ministry Teams Get Things Done

P P — 2 — 2016 The Payday Lending Crisis What Can Congregations Do

P P — 3 — 2016 What Numbers Matter for Congregations

P P — 4 — 2016 How to Deal with Church Conflict

P P — 5 — 2016 How Do New People Hear about Your Church_0

P P — 6 — 2016 Making Congregations Greener

P P — 7 — 2016 When Charity Brings Anything But Relief

P P — 8 — 2016 Multiple Roads to a Multicultural Congregation

P P — 9 — 2016 What Keeps Congregations from Implementing New Ideas

P P — 10 — 2016 Keeping Up with the Pastors Pay

P P — 11 — 2016 Does Your Congregation Suffer from Anxiety

P P — 12 — 2016 Can We Wait for Gods Spark


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