Parish Paper – 2014

P P –1-2014 Big Ministry Trends for 2014

P P –2-2014 A Parable about Pastoral Leadership

P P –3-2014 Clergy Turnover Consequences

P P –4-2014 eGiving Its about More Than Money

P P –5-2014 Welcoming Children with Autism

P P –6-2014 Caring for the Caregivers

P P –7-2014 What Type of Follower Attends Our Church

P P –8-2014 Do Your Mission and Method Fit Your Size

P P–09-2014 Back to School How Churches Can Partner with Local Schools

P P–10-2014 How Can We Prevent Suicide

P P –11-2014 Should We Consider Closing Our Church

P P –12-2014 How to Make the Most of a Consulting Process


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