North & East Pastors Conference 2024 – Hope for the Less-than-Large Church

North and East Pastors Conference 2024 –Hope for the Less-than-Large Church– Playlist

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As the landscape of ministry shifts in an increasingly post-Christian environment, pastoral leaders in small and medium-size churches face unique challenges. However, these challenges can open us up for growth and impact. At this conference, we will explore the potential threats as well as opportunities that are distinctive to small and medium-size churches, focusing on minimizing the threats and optimizing the opportunities. We will receive insight and practical help. Join us!

Conference Booklet

  • Opening Worship Service Message – Rev. David A. Davis
  • Session 1: The Landscape of Small and Midsize Churches Today – Rev. Dr. Mark Seifrid
  • Session 2: Perils and Possibilities for Small Churches –Rev. Dr. Mark Seifrid
  • Session 3: Perils and Possibilities for Midsize Churches– Rev. Dr. Mark Seifrid
  • Session 4: Practices for a Post-Church Context – Rev. Dr. Mark Seifrid
  • President’s Report – Rev. David A. Davis


Rev. Dr. David J. Peter
Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Faculty | Concordia Seminary, St. Louis

Dr. David J. Peter is Professor of Practical Theology and Dean of Faculty at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Before joining the Seminary in 1998, Peter served as associate pastor at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Peoria, Ill. He earned his M.Div. from Concordia Seminary (1987). He also has a B.A. from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (1982) and a D.Min. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Ill. (1999). He has authored three books and several articles for academic journals, published Bible study resources for congregations, and led seminars on pastoral leadership, congregational dynamics, and the book of Revelation.