Heart Issues are Hard Issues Sermon Series

Heart Issues are Hard Issues Sermon Series – PDF file

  • This sermon series pdf document includes 7 outlines, sermons, children’s messages, family discussion guides and the Unity in Christ Affirmations for your use.

Media Kit 

  • This media kit (downloadable from dropbox) includes image files for your use with the sermon series: Powerpoint Slide Backgrounds (Standard 4×3 and Wide Screen 16:9), Title Slides for each week, and other additional graphic options to use as you’d like. However, (see below)
  • To use any or all of the artwork we have provided in the media kit, you will need to obtain the Royalty-free license that allows you to legally use the artwork. Please purchase the license to image number 471920603 by downloading the image for $12 at before you use the provided artwork in presentation or publicity media.

Children’s Message Videos