Health and Wellness

The following are documents provided by Concordia Plan Services on Health and Wellness during the Covid-19 Pandemic:

The following are additional podcasts, blogs, and other resources.

  • Jesus & You … Coping with COVID-19 – Mental Health Livestream Event by Shepherds Gate 9/30/20
  • In this video, Michigan District, LCMS Parish Nurse Christie Hansard, RN, BSN covers Covid anxiety, warning signs for trauma and risk factors for children and staff, communication with parents, HIPAA issues, compassion fatigue, Christ-centered self-care, and more. The presentation was originally shared with the school staff at Immanuel, Macomb. (9/11/20)
  • Michigan District Mental Health Podcasts – Part 1 | Part 2
  • Mental Health During Covid-19 – (blog post transcript of podcast)
  • Mental Health Part 2 (blog post – transcript of podcast)
  • This is Your Race – (blog post) – An excerpt from the devotional book How Long, O Lord, How Long? written by Dale Kreienkamp for the unemployed and those who love them. “Your life may be changing, but God isn’t. He’s there to love you and help you through the changes along this journey.”
  • Suicide Prevention Resources