Facility Reopening Guidance

As we consider initial steps to God’s people once again gathering in our sanctuaries across the Michigan District after the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” due to the COVID-19 pandemic we offer some guidance through these resources.

Office Reopening Information for Congregations and Schools – (updated 6/8/20)

Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-114 requires all employers to initiate “Safeguards to protect Michigan’s workers from COVID-19.”

The Executive Order indicates several requirements for all businesses and operations that require their employees to leave their homes or residences, including the development of a “COVID-19 preparedness and response plan.” The plan must be made readily available by June 1, 2020 or within two weeks of resuming in-person activities, whichever is later.

At the request of several ministries, the District is sharing the documents it has prepared for its own compliance with Michigan COVID-19 Executive Orders. Please contact your Circuit Visitor, DF, or other District staff for the PDF document and/or Word document that can be adapted for your ministry.

Additional Resources:

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