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The 103rd Regular Convention of the Michigan District LCMS will be held June 27–29, 2021 at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

The theme for the convention is “People of Hope … It’s Time!” (1 Peter 1:3–5; Romans 10:12–15; 2 Corinthians 6:1–2). President Maier shares: “Because of Jesus paying the price for the sins of the world on Calvary’s cross and proclaiming victory over death by His rising from the dead … ‘WHOEVER believes in Him will not be disappointed’ and ‘WHOEVER will call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved.’  These Gospel assurances fill us with hope in this darkening world of division, racial unrest, and hopelessness. As people of hope, ‘the light of the world’, indeed, ‘stars shining in the universe,’ we are ‘working together with Him,’ knowing that ‘NOW is the favorable time,’ ‘NOW is the day of salvation,’ NOW is the time to live and proclaim the Good News of Jesus. People of Hope … It’s Time!”

Two separate Call for Nominations mailings went out the end of September to all congregations. The first mailing contained official ballot forms for submitting President and Vice President nominations which are to be mailed to Rev. Darryl L. Andrzejewski; 20014 Holiday Rd; Grosse Pointe Woods MI 48236-2372. The second mailing contained official ballot forms for submitting Secretary, Board of Directors, Church Extension Fund Board of Directors, and District Nominating Committee nominations which are to be mailed to Rev. Robert Appold; 8653 Lilly Ridge Dr SE; Alto MI 49302-9000. If extra copies are needed, please contact Laurie Brown at 888.225.2111 ext. 233 or download at The deadline to submit these nominations is February 27, 2021.

Circuit Forums to elect Circuit Visitors and conduct other official business will be scheduled before January 31, 2021. Please check with your Circuit Visitor if you have questions regarding the circuit forum or circuit visitor nominations.

Overtures may be submitted only by a member congregation, the Board of Directors, an official district conference of ordained/commissioned ministers, or a circuit forum. Overtures must be submitted using the overture template which can be downloaded from the Michigan District website. The deadline to submit overtures is February 27, 2021. No overture received subsequent to that date shall be accepted for convention consideration unless a committee consisting of the District President, the First Vice President, and the District Secretary adjudge it to be a matter of overriding importance and urgency which is not adequately covered by documents already before the convention.


Important dates to place on your calendar:

December 31, 2020                         Deadline for Circuit Visitor Nominations

January 31, 2021                              Circuit Forums must be conducted before this date

February 27, 2021                           Deadline for all other nominations, reports, and overtures

May 8, 2021                                      Floor Committee meetings

June 27-29, 2021                             Michigan District Convention



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