Connect your Students to a Spiritual Home While They are at College1 min read

Are there students in your congregation attending college in the state of Michigan?

There is a network of campus ministry pastors throughout the state who want to help your college students find a spiritual community.


Click Here for Campus Ministry Locations

Don’t see your school’s name on the list? That’s okay! No matter where you go to school in Michigan, we have nearby university campus ministries and a network of pastors at local congregations who are eager to bring your students into a caring community while they are away from home.

Connect us with your students and we’ll plug them into one of our active campus ministries or a local congregation. Take a minute or two to fill out this form, and we’ll take it from there!

See what students have to say about their experience with campus ministry:

Meet Madi, University of Michigan ’24

Meet Francesca, Michigan State University ’25

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