Top 7 Reasons Why We Appreciate Our Lutheran Educators1 min read

(The number 7 in the Bible represents “completeness,” so it is the perfect number to use.)

7. With or without their morning coffee, their classrooms are full of energy and of the Holy Spirit to begin each day. (The coffee definitely helps!)

6. No one else has the talents to assist with tying a little one’s shoe, find six pairs of missing gloves for recess, keep twenty students in a straight line, remind three others that their boots are on the wrong feet … all under fifty-eight seconds while they smile anticipating 20 mph winds on the playground.

5. The grace and mercy they demonstrate on a minute-by-minute basis as they work with the unpredictable emotions of Jr. high students.

4. Their ability to adapt and be flexible during an uncertain school year and keep the needs of their students as the number one priority.

3. Winter coats that go from your neck to your ankle … no one wears it better than a teacher waving at parents in the car line.

2. Volunteering to chaperone the homecoming dance—nothing else needs to be said.

1. The peace of knowing our students are being cared for by educators who know their Savior and share His love with them on a daily basis!

Thank you to all the educators across our 140+ Lutheran schools in the Michigan District. We are grateful for all you do to make our schools a blessing for the thousands of students and families we are privileged to serve.  May the Good Lord continue to guide your steps in the last few weeks of school as we end the year celebrating all He has done for us!

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Travis is the Michigan District's Assistant to the President - Superintendent of Schools. But his more important titles are the husband of Lori and the dad to three crazy and lovable girls. The four ladies in his life are by far his most absolute favorite blessing!

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John M Brandt - May 6, 2021

Amen. And we also appreciate the calm steady guidance from Travis and his team at the District office.

Terry Schmidt - May 6, 2021

Thank you Michigan Lutheran educators! Through the power of the Holy Spirit you are making a heavenly difference. Keep spreading those seeds.

Barb Hail - May 6, 2021

I am very thankful for my years of elementary education at St Johns Lutheran Church in Midland, Michigan.