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“Johnathan!” Mom calls down to me, “It’s time for breakfast!”

I run downstairs, excited to eat my bacon and eggs. It is the day of my first basketball practice. I am really nervous but excited at the same time. I eat all my breakfast, run upstairs, and get my brand-new jersey on.

“Ready to go to practice?” mom asks me as I walk down the stairs slowly. “Why do you look so sad?” she asks.

 “I am really nervous, Mom.” I tell her I don’t want to go anymore. “What if they’re better than me?”

“Don’t be scared, just go out there and have fun,” Mom reassures me.

“I don’t know anyone there. What if I can’t even shoot one hoop?” I ask, worriedly.

Mom then tells me to come and sit next to her at the table. I walk over to her, and she begins to talk to me.

“Don’t worry about anyone being better than you.” She starts, “God made us all different. God will always be with you during any time of trouble. Do you remember the theme Bible verse at school?”

“Yeah!” I say in excitement, “It is Psalm 46 verse 1: ‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’”

“Good job!” She says. “Now remember that during your practice.”

When we arrive at practice I get out of the car and walk into the gym. I don’t see anyone I know, and get a little scared, but I remember that God is by my side always. I run out to greet my coach and start to shoot hoops with my other teammates.


Dear Lord, please help me to remember that you are always with me, guiding me in the right direction. You are there for me to lean on when I need you, and I can always count on you. Thank you for taking care of me. Amen.

–Devotion written by Audra and Gabi, grade 8, Trinity Lutheran School in St. Joseph

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Judy Hewitt - March 9, 2019

Wonderfull words of wisdom! I am glad we have that freedom to worship and teach our young people the works of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! God Bless You all!