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The Christus Primus Award is a recognition given by Concordia University Ann Arbor to an individual who exemplifies service to the Church. This year’s award recipient is Mrs. Laura Thomas, who serves the Michigan District, LCMS as Director of Development and as part of the District’s Stewardship Committee. Additionally, she serves The Council of Lutheran Women as its Vice President of Communication. You can read her extensive bio in this article.

Mrs. Thomas was stunned when she heard of her nomination and selection: “What have I done? I’ve just worked in different places in the Church body. Every job is so personal, so for me it’s just a personal commitment to service. That’s the way I operate. Those are my values. Service is very important in making sure that people are getting what they need, but also being encouraged and supported, and that’s all just the way that I lead my life.”

She explains that being on the receiving end of recognition is not her modus operandi, as her job is about encouraging and recognizing other people. But she acknowledges that “we are given gifts by God, and we need to use those gifts well. And if this means that, through this award, I can help people understand that using their gifts well is something that can be appreciated and recognized by people around us, then we are doing what God is asking us to do.”

Photos courtesy of Concordia University Ann Arbor

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Elisa is a staff writer, copy editor, and photographer for the Michigan District, LCMS.

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Rev. Dr. David Stechholz - May 14, 2024

To Laura Thomas:
Congratulations, Laura. I cannot think of a more deserving person than you to receive the Christus Primus Award. You have always put Christ first, and it shows beautifully in your dedication to the Lord, His Church, and in the many places were you have served so well – CUAA, CST, Michigan District, VP of Detroit Council of Lutheran Women, Christ our Savior, etc. May the Lord God continue to richly bless you in joyful service to Him and His Church.

Neil Skov - May 14, 2024

Congratulations Laura! You have been a blessing to many, and a joy when we have had opportunity to work together.

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