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Pastor Ed Meyer managed to be the “Faster Pastor” in the Faster Pastor Race at the TriCity Speedway in Auburn, Mich. on August 9, 2019. He raced to victory over 11 other pastors, all driving stock cars. Two other LCMS pastors participated: Rev. Ed Doerner (Messiah, Midland) and Rev. Dennis Matyas (St. Paul, Bay City).

The race raised $115,000 to benefit many different charities. Doerner was racing for the Bridge Food Center and Matyas raced for St. Paul’s Ministry Center. Meyer was racing for Bridgman Cares, a group of concerned community members who noticed a need to provide for public school children who do not have their needs met at home. The group provides rooms at their elementary, middle, and high schools for students to go for meals, snacks, school supplies, clothing, outerwear, shoes, boots, and toiletries. The students go in without a chaperone and are allowed to select whatever they need. Kim Schmitz, a member of Immanuel, Bridgman says, “This is a very necessary and important program and we would like to see it continue! We are blessed to have a brave and adventurous pastor to take on this mission. Well done, Pastor Ed!”

Congratulations to all participants! posted a story on the race as well. You can read it here.

Photo courtesy of Immanuel, Bridgman



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