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Digging Deeper into God’s Word

Personal Bible reading and reflection drives spiritual growth. Our lives, families, congregations, and community benefit directly when God’s people actively read and study the Bible. The Michigan District’s Lutheran Adult Gathering, taking place this fall, will feature sectional and keynote speakers whose focus will be on helping people grow in their personal study of God’s Word.

Tools and Tips for a Deeper Understanding

Was Jesus really born in a dirty stable or a dark, cold cave? Did no one care about a young mother in the “City of David” who was in labor with her firstborn? What does Matthew mean when he writes that “Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame resolved to divorce her quietly”?

Rev. John Bookshaw will lead participants to discover tools to learn the culture of the day of our Lord Jesus in order to deepen our understanding of the characters and events surrounding His birth. These same tools will help deepen study and understanding of the entire Bible.

Walking the Path of Spiritual Growth

Spiritual growth is a desire of every Christian. But we all know our good intentions can quickly fade away in the busyness of life. Rev. Robert Appold will share how one congregation challenged its members to commit to an action plan of regularly reading and reflecting on the Bible. What happens when people have the right tools, review the mighty promises of God, learn how powerful yet subtle sources of influence shapes their daily choices, and take steps to implement a congregation-wide campaign to read the entire Bible? What emerges are people who truly are Jesus’ disciples (John 8:32), forgiven people who passionately follow, learn from, and imitate Jesus.

Sharing the Light of Jesus

We live in a challenging day and age. The “good ole’ days” are long gone, and new ways of thinking are here. Behavior, long-thought unacceptable, is now the norm. How do we remain firm in our faith, live a God-pleasing life, be all that God has called us to be, and shine a LIGHT for Jesus? Betty Reusch will encourage participants to carry on confidently in this uncertain world and become well-grounded in God’s Word – His entire Word – by daily gaining God’s perspective. This sectional will challenge participants to read ALL of Scripture to become strong AND knowledgeable to share the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ in this fallen world.

Spiritual Development

 “The Scriptures are to spiritual development what food is to physical development. Ignoring one harms one’s relationship with God. Ignoring the other can lead to malnutrition. The Word of God is Jesus. The Scriptures are a roadmap to Him. Ignore them and you will be lost. Follow them, and be led to the Savior of the world, receive strength for living this life, and gain assurance of eternal life,” shares Mr. Cal Thomas, nationally syndicated columnist, slated as one of the keynote speakers of the Gathering.

Mr. Frank Tanana, Detroit Tiger great; Rev. Greg Seltz, Speaker of The Lutheran Hour®; and Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier, president of the Michigan District, LCMS will join Thomas in stirring keynote addresses.

“For us, this Gathering is a once-in-a-lifetime experience which we find ourselves repeating every three years. We anticipate seeing old friends and making new ones October 11-13,” shares Rev. John and LaVerne Rauh, former Lutheran Adult Gathering committee members.

The Lutheran Adult Gathering, a premier Michigan District event, includes fellowship, worship, entertainment, and plenty of opportunity to enjoy The Grand Hotel and Mackinac Island.

The deadline to register for this event is August 15, 2013. For more information, or to register,

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