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Because of the continuing ravages, if you will, of the COVID-19 virus, and how it has upset schedules and all the other logistical issues that come with planning almost anything, the president of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, Rev. Matthew Harrison, sent a letter to all 6,000 congregations of the LCMS. In that letter was a referendum asking that we be able to postpone the convention cycle—that is, district conventions and inevitably the Synodical convention—by one year, meaning that districts could hold conventions this year, if at all possible, but also into 2022. What we learned this past Monday was that the referendum passed, but let me explain: What was needed from the 6,000 congregations of the Synod was for 25% to participate and, out of the 25%, a simple majority (50% plus one) had to agree with the referendum.

Well, it was amazing. We learned that more than 64% of Synod participated. And in Michigan, that was over 74%. Of those in Synod that voted, more than 90% voted positively. Of those that participated in the Michigan District, more than 98% voted positively. What this means is that, as everyone looked at hosting the best conventions possible—according to our bylaws, that’s for worship and nurture and inspiration and fellowship and church business (working with resolutions and also elections)—the convention has, in fact, been delayed and the Michigan District Convention, by virtue of a resolution by the Board of Directors of the district, has now been moved to the last weekend in June, its normal time. We pray that it would take place on Concordia University Ann Arbor’s campus. So those dates would now be June 26–28, 2022.

Now there’s much more information that will follow on “What if there were already overtures that have been written or submitted by circuit forums?” Or “What about nominations that have taken place?” We want to honor everything that has taken place, and we also made suggestions in a letter that was just sent by our District Secretary to your congregational leaders.

Thank you once again for participating—and I pray that you did. This is your church. We have the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and we want to share it in the most effective way possible. That takes place through church business in a regular convention, as we indeed gather for worship, fellowship, nurture, inspiration, and the continuing work of the Gospel. May God continue to be with you as you anticipate, look forward to, and pray for our June 26–28, 2022 Michigan District Convention.

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Rev. Dr. David P. E. Maier is president emeritus of the Michigan District, LCMS.

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