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Yes, it is cold. Cloudy days and gloom are almost everyday occurrences in Michigan. We are deep enough into the throws of winter that many of us are beginning to look for a sign-anything-that points to warmer days ahead, even though in reality we are still months away from the joys of wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts.

Just a few days ago I saw one of those indicators of warmer days ahead: As I was taking my daily walk late one afternoon, I was passed by a man riding his bicycle. Certainly not a common sight this time of year, there he was, dressed in full winter attire, speeding past me on the slushy street as the snow fell upon us. And as a positive reinforcement to what I saw that day, I saw him again the following day and continue to see him periodically.
He is certainly a serious bike rider. I am not a serious bike rider in the summer, let alone in the winter, but I am sure many of you are. Whether it is biking for exercise or taking leisurely family rides, riding a bike is something you enjoy.
If I have just described you and/or your family, I am asking you to mark your calendars for August 7 and 8, 2021, the first weekend in August. This is the weekend of our fifth Here We Ride bike event. We are early in the planning stages, but under the leadership of Pastor Chris Garcia from Immanuel in Bay City, the event will be held.
This year’s ride may be an in-person event hosted by a Bay City area congregation, or it may be a virtual event like it was in 2020 (a very successful event, by the way). Our hope and prayer is that it will be both in-person and virtual, and riders may do one or both.
The event details will take shape in the months ahead as the COVID-19 pandemic situation allows. For now, please reserve the dates and put Here We Ride on your summer calendar of things to do. We will keep you informed as the plans develop.
Proceeds from the Here We Ride bike event support the initiatives of the Here We Stand campaign, and the congregation, school, or charity of choice of each participant.
For more information visit or contact Linda Ekong at the Michigan District Office at or 734.213.4265.
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