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Since Messiah, Carrollton celebrated her 50th anniversary in 2014, our struggling little elderly congregation has been determined to fulfill her mission. Among the activities in which we have played a role were: organizing Practical Ideas for Community Outreach (PICO) I through VI; holding monthly Monday School at the Rescue Mission; holding a birthday party at the Mission every other month; food collections to support the food pantry at a sister church; collection of personal hygiene products to donate to the Mission, etc. The COVID-19 virus stopped all these activities dead in their tracks, along with our annual display at the Carrollton Elementary Open House in late August, our float in the local high school homecoming parade, and our annual Trunk or Treat, which had nearly 1,000 people visit our church in 2019.

Volunteers at Messiah, Carrollton

Where the virus closed doors, the Lord has opened a window. When the elementary school expressed disappointment that Messiah would be unable to offer Trunk or Treat, the Lord showed us another way to bring joy to local children. The school approved our church’s idea of assembling Ziploc bags of treats, put together by people wearing masks and sanitary gloves. These were handed out on October 28 and 29 at the school’s regular food giveaway to households in our low-income community. Besides generous donations of wrapped mini candy bars from our members, we also secured Thrivent Action Team funding to purchase wrapped cookies and fruit chews. The local historical museum allowed us to print free passes to include in the bags. Given the generous support we have received, we will be able to supply the Rescue Mission with Halloween treats for their children, as well as offer these to our own kids at Messiah.

On October 24th we formed an assembly line to stuff the bags. We invited the youth of our congregation, including current and recent confirmation classes, to assist us in being a blessing to our community. We thank and praise our Lord for this window of opportunity He has given us and pray He will be honored in our endeavors.

Photos courtesy of Messiah, Carrollton

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Lenore was a member of the staff at Valley Lutheran High School in Saginaw when the building opened in 1979, serving as art teacher and counselor. Later she served 12 years as a member of the VLHS board of directors until 2002, when she retired. Since then she has been involved in a variety of Ablaze! outreach projects for her church, Messiah-Carrollton.

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