3 Ways to Encourage Your Pastor’s Wife2 min read

Pastor’s wives are very special women. Each one is carefully chosen and equipped by God to carry out a team ministry with her husband. Together, they serve to meet the needs of the people God has placed in his care. Her unique gifts and talents and the current needs of her family determine the role she plays within the life of the church at any given time. But, at all times, she is a woman. Just like the rest of us, she needs encouragement and support. However, because of her position in the church, it is often difficult for her to openly express her needs. We must be alert!


One of the best ways to encourage your pastor’s wife is to pray for her, and be sure to let her know that you are. As you pray, ask God to show you her needs. He will! It’s also nice to occasionally ask her if there is anything special you can be praying for her or her family.


Send her a note once in a while to let her know how much you appreciate her and that you are grateful for the sacrifices she makes so that her husband can be available to others. A small gift is another way to show her she is special to you.  A rose for her birthday or an invitation to lunch are usually well received. Hand-made items are also a nice personal touch.


One of the greatest things she needs is the chance to be with other pastors’ wives, in an environment where she can be refreshed and reenergized, where she is able to share her challenges with those who truly understand. When opportunities arise for her to attend seminars or conferences, such as the upcoming Katie Conference taking place in Bay City, April 25-27, there are several ways you can help. Depending on the age of her children, you can offer to stay with them, or provide transportation or meals for them, or be “on call” for pastor/dad while she is away and, of course, in this tight economy monetary assistance with the expenses involved is always welcome.

Remember, your pastor’s wife is working hard, often behind the scenes, so that your pastor and your congregation can be effective. Don’t forget her!

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Sharon Atkinson has served as the Pastoral Care Assistant at Our Savior, Lansing for 20+ years. She and her husband, Woody, have two grown children.

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