Rev. Dr. Robert Kasper
Assistant to the President
Congregation Mission and Ministries, Metro Zone / Ministry Support
Kathleen Graham
Assistant Archivist
Dcs. Christie Hansard
Mental Health Case Manager / Parish Nurse Ministries
Rev. Norm Koy
Assistant to the President - Call List Support
Barbara Laughlin Adler
Archivist, Michigan District, LCMS
Laurie Brown
Executive Assistant to the President
Martha Wohlfeil
Administrative Assistant to the President's Office
Rev. John Rathje
Church Worker Mental Health Support Coordinator
Rev. Dr. Todd Jones
Assistant to the President - Mission Education and Support / Interim Thumb Zone Facilitator

Contact the Office

To contact a Michigan District staff member*, dial 734.665.3791 or toll free at 888.225.2111 and then enter the extension of the individual you would like to reach. To speak to the receptionist, dial "0" at any time.

Michigan District, LCMS
3773 Geddes Road
Ann Arbor, MI 48105
Phone: 734.665.3791
Toll Free: 888.225.2111
Fax: 734.665.0255