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National Youth Gathering

In All Things

July 9, 2022 - July 13, 2022
Houston, TX

The 2022 National Youth Gathering is upon us!

For more information about the National Youth Gathering visit: www.lcmsgathering.com.

Registration Process

Click this playlist link to walk through the new NYG registration process. Hopefully, these step-by-step videos will make this easier!

Bus Information for the Michigan District

Please note that because of the ongoing pandemic conditions, the large variety of schedules groups would have, and the length of time for a bus ride to Houston, the Michigan District will not be offering a bus package to the NYG. If there is anyone interested in information to schedule a private bus trip or have questions regarding other gathering preparations, please contact Randy Bickel, Michigan District Coordinator at midistythgath@yahoo.com or 989.624.9204.

The Michigan District Coordinator is Randy Bickel (989.624.9204). He will send news to you periodically through the District’s weekly E-newsletter, direct emails, and the Michigan District Youth Worker’s Facebook Group Page. Please feel free to contact him if you have any questions.

When & Where


July 9, 2022 - July 13, 2022

Houston, Tx

Houston, TX,