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Higgins Lake Principals Conference 2023

July 31, 2023 - August 2, 2023
Roscommon, MI

Higgins Lake Conference … the highlight of the summer! Dr. Brad Alles is our keynote, and he is going to dazzle us with a few presentations to challenge and equip us in our roles as school leaders. As always, the agenda is packed full of fellowship, collaboration, sunshine, learning, and fun. You can download the schedule below and learn more about our time together up north. We hope to see you there!

When & Where


July 31 - August 2

Ralph A. MacMullan Conference Center
104 Conservation Dr
Roscommon, MI, 48653
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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Brad Alles

Dr. Brad Alles is an award-winning Associate Professor of Education at Concordia University Wisconsin, and is in his 35th year of teaching. Besides speaking nationally in 24 sates, Brad has published two books: Life’s Big Questions, God’s Big Answers and Starting at the End. He also has a DVD called Big Questions, Biblical Answers which is available on Vimeo. You can visit his website, which focuses on apologetics and worldviews, at bradalles.com.


Registration is now closed.

Registration Cost: $175 per person

Lodging Cost (additional fee):

  • Single Occupancy $160
  • Double Occupancy $100

Wednesday Lunch Optional: Additional $16.00 Fee

Title Funds have been approved for 70%.

Additional Information


Up to 9.25 SCECHs are available to attendees. Those who attend the new principal orientation are able to apply for an additional 2 SCECHs.

Title Funds

MDE has approved 70% for title funds for the Higgins Lake Principals Conference.


Goals and Objectives

  • Professional development that encourages and challenges Michigan District principals in their role as leaders in our congregations/schools.
  • Fellowship that allows principals to share joys and struggles with others who understand their unique position as school leaders.
  • Allow the district to present its message to all our school administrators together.