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Emeriti Conference

EAGER: Engaging and Aging Gracefully, Energetically, Responsibly

September 3, 2019 - September 4, 2019
Frankenmuth, MI

As retired pastors, wives, and widows of pastors, we are all aging. In doing so, we still confidently remain EAGER: Engaging and Aging Gracefully, Energetically, and Responsibly. Dr. Rich Bimler will give us wonderful insights on how we can eagerly and productively continue to contribute to Christ’s Kingdom. According to Dr. Bimler, aging is the only way to live! Come and enthusiastically join us!

When & Where


September 3, 2019 - September 4, 2019

Bavarian Inn Lodge
1 Covered Bridge Lane
Frankenmuth, MI, 48734
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Dr. Rich Bimler

Dr. Rich Bimler has served the Church in various positions throughout his 55-year ministry career. He repositioned in 2006 after serving for 15 years as President/CEO of Wheat Ridge Ministries. He is currently serving part-time as Ministry Consultant and Ambassador of Health, Hope, and Aging! (AH-HA!) for Lutheran Church Charities, Northbrook, Ill.

Dr. Bimler is a graduate of Valparaiso University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and has done post graduate work at other institutions. He has received honorary degrees from Concordia University, Irvine, Calif.; Concordia College—New York, Bronxville, and Concordia University Chicago, River Forest, Ill. He is the author of 17 books and continues to write, speak, and consult with many agencies and organizations throughout the world. He enjoys his family, grandparenting, jogging (slowly), St. Arbucks, writing, laughing and, of course, the Chicago Cubs!


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Conference Costs

  • $90 per Couple
  • $80 Commuter Couple
  • $50 Single Participant - Single occupancy
  • $40 Single Participant - Commuter

Compassion Ministry

The 2019 Emeriti Conference will support the Orphan Grain Train with new or gently used clothing that could be repackaged for distribution.

Additional Information

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

We are a unique group, you know.  These days it seems like we are needed in Christ’s church more than ever.   How good it is when we gather together to grow and share concerns, insights and joys that are unique only to us.  My hope is that you will seriously consider attending the Emeriti, Wives and Widow’s Conference Sept. 3-4 in Frankenmuth.

The subject matter is probably much more different than we have ever had, yet I can tell you that it is a subject paramount in importance, as we grow more and more mature.   Besides all that, we have been blessed to have received two very generous monetary gifts to keep the cost to us extremely low.  Where else will you be the fortunate recipients of 4 meals, lodging and a wonderful speaker for $90/couple.

Also, I really do want you to send in your best 3 or 4 stories from your experience in life and ministry.  I would like to be able to share some of these at our Conference.   If there are enough wonderful stories, I would like to compile them and, perhaps, include them in book form.  Please use this form to share your story and complete all permissions for publishing.

Register soon and include your amazing stories God wants you to share!

Your Brother in Christ!
Frank Graves

Gnome Scavenger Hunt

If you would like to participate in the Frankenmuth Gnome Scavenger Hunt Download this PDF file.

Goals of Emeriti Conference

  1.   To see aging as a wonderful, powerful, normal, life-long blessing to celebrate rather than a burden to endure.
  2.   To understand that older adults can function at a high-quality level inside and outside the church.
    1.  Older, Christian adults have a clear vision of life and wisdom from the past.
    2.  Older, Christian adults are more available to contribute to life in a more relaxed way.
    3.  We have tapped and untapped skills to be utilized.
    4.  We have experience to help ourselves and others maneuver through life more successfully.
  1. Create a more positive respect and perspective of older adults.
  2. Encourage people to celebrate aging, focusing on Christ’s promise to lovingly be with us in prosperity and problems.