Michigan District Pastor Creates Song to Incite Change1 min read

We told you about 3-year-old Messiah Williams, who was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in Flint, near the Franklin Avenue Mission back in October in this story, Trying Times for Franklin Avenue Mission. Sixty-seven bullets fired into the Williams’ home and one of those bullets struck Messiah in the head killing the young boy. Messiah’s family is looking to put a new law on the books in Michigan, calling it Messiah’s Law, which would give mandatory life sentences for anyone convicted of shooting into a home and killing a child.

Rev. Christian Jones has seen things like this happen far too often in the Franklin Ave community and has thrown his support behind the family and their proposed legislation. Rev. Jones has created a song to not only honor Messiah’s legacy but encourages state lawmakers to act.

Rev. Jones is hoping his efforts will make a difference and doesn’t want to see anything like this happen again. Rev. Jones said, “when we talk about little kids getting shot and killed in gang crime and gunfire, this is demonic oppression.”

Rev. Jones still has hope and sees the good in his community and the Franklin Avenue Mission. “We are the hope,” Rev. Jones said. “As things are falling apart, as the everything is crumbling around in this sinful and broken world, we share the Gospel of Jesus, which is the light that no darkness can overcome.”

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Jeffrey Heisner is the video journalist and digital media director for the Michigan District, LCMS.

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