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There are many opportunities to support the work of the church, from our local congregation to ministry at large in several LCMS ministries, institutions and organizations. Other charities in society are also surely deserving of support. These opportunities range from those close at home to the four corners of the earth, and provide mercy and care to many in need. The Michigan District Endowment Fund provides a unique and future way to offer resources for the church. In a hymn often sung atthe Installation Worship Services for our professional church workers, these words appear: “Each age its solemn task may claim but once.” In our age, we have the opportunity to serve now and we can also provide resources for those who will serve in their age yet to come.

We have our Lord’s promise that the church shall prevail until He comes again. But the church in the future will be facing challenges and opportunities unimagined and unheard of currently. The Michigan District, through the Endowment Fund, will be enabled to be responsive and adaptive to ministry needs of the future. The District will be better able to serve the needs of congregations and ministries, as well as provide student aid/support for those preparing for full-time service in the church. The Michigan District will thus be ready to react and respond to need(s) with flexibility and creativity in bringing the Gospel to bear in peoples’ lives.


We thank God for the awareness, through the Scriptures, that He has wonderfully planned for and accomplished our eternal life and salvation and that He has a plan for the church and our individual lives.  We thank Him also for a sense of calling and His presence in accomplishing that “which God has prepared in advance for us to do,” as written in Ephesians 2:10.

Barb and I have reflected, with grateful hearts, on the thoughts expressed above. We have prayerfully sought the Lord’s guidance and direction in our stewardship of His gifts and blessings for this time and the future beyond us. Our love for the Lord and the church, now and in the future, has led us to include the Michigan District Endowment fund in our estate plan. This is very important to us, but let it also be said that it is not at the expense of our local congregation! Ours is a twin priority and love for the ministry of our congregation of St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth, and that of the Michigan District.  This enables us to find joy that ministry, for Jesus’ sake, is included in our support for the church of the future.


As Christian parents, we are blessed in, with and through our family. We have a special enduring prayer to our Lord that we all, even those yet unborn, spend eternity together with Jesus. As dear as our family is and our concern is for their hearts being with the Lord, there is the realization that our children, grandchildren and children’s children are quite similar to others. Everyone “out there” is truly precious to the Lord and is someone’s child and grandchild! Therefore, our desire to provide for ministry to all beyond us is inclusive. Our prayer is that those in the faith remain close to the Lord, and those who do not yet know Him may somehow be reached with the Gospel.

Our good and gracious God has gifted and blessed us in so many ways. Ours are thankful hearts, filled to overflowing with His blessings. It is humbling to realize that He gives us the opportunity to participate in His plan through the church. We find a sense of peace, fulfillment and hope-filled anticipation for the ongoing work of the kingdom. We thank Him for the privilege of sharing our commitment of support for ministry through the Michigan District Endowment Fund.

It is humbling to realize that He gives us the opportunity to participate in His plan through the church.

If any would also be led by the Lord to consider including the Michigan District Endowment Fund in planning a Christian legacy, they can contact Ray Zavada at or 734.213.4264. He would be most happy to answer any questions and provide further information.

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Rev. Dr. C. William Hoesman served as president of the Michigan District, LCMS from 1997-2009. He and his wife Barb are enjoying retirement in Frankenmuth, Mich. and in their church home at St. Lorenz, Frankenmuth. The Hoesmans are involved in various volunteer ministry activities and are always open to what the Lord has in store for them. A sure smile comes quickly to them when mention of grandchildren is made!

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