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“By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another” John 13:35 (ESV).

When you stop and ponder the purpose of LAMP and its mission—“sharing Jesus Christ with God’s people in remote areas of Canada”—what comes to your mind? A little red plane? Missionaries, perhaps? I think about the Indigenous people in those northern communities desiring to hear about Jesus. Every year, hundreds of volunteers go to their LAMP community in the summer to hold Vacation Bible School (VBS). More teams are going north to visit in the “off-season” as well. The work that they do is to encourage and support people in their walk with Christ. And the communities appreciate it very much.

What impact does the ministry have on our volunteers? The fact that the average number of years a LAMP team returns to their community is eight years speaks volumes! The love of Jesus, freely given to God’s people in the North, is reflected back to the volunteers in appreciation, love, and friendship.

It truly is the teams of volunteers who are willing to invest themselves in the communities they serve with LAMP that make it possible to carry out this vital ministry. Likewise, the supporters of LAMP make it possible for the teams and the staff missionaries serving the northern communities to keep sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

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Rev. Dennis Ouelette is a pastor and pilot with LAMP

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