Counseling Resources

If this is an emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


The following list of mental health care professionals and agencies includes names provided to the Commission for Church Worker Care by members of the ministry and others in the field of healthcare. Neither the Michigan District, the LCMS, or the commission makes any endorsement of these individuals or agencies, nor does it make any representation as to their qualifications or capabilities. The Commission suggests that those consulting this list confer with any individuals or agencies prior to securing their services to determine their acceptability and appropriateness as a health care provider. Included in this directory are lists of questions to ask yourself and questions to ask a potential counselor.

This list is a compilation of names known by the Commission at this time. Therefore, it is not an exhaustive list of professional counselors in the District. If other competent professionals are known to you, please notify the Commission of their names for future listings. If you would like to provide any positive or negative feedback about any counselor on this list, please contact the Commission.

The arrangement for pay is negotiated between the counselor and the client.

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