Constitution & Bylaws

Synodical Constitution & By-laws – These are the Synod’s Constitution and Bylaws and the primary bylaws of the District.

Supplemental Michigan District By-laws

Congregations that approve changes to their constitution and bylaws should submit the proposed alterations to the Michigan District office for examination by the Michigan District Constitution Committee. Please send to: Attn: President’s Office, 3773 Geddes Road, Ann Arbor MI 48105. Please contact the President’s Office for the approval procedure or if you have questions. – Email Martha Wohlfeil or 734.665.3791.

Guidelines for LCMS Congregation Constitutions – Can be found under “Guidelines & Frequently Noted Concerns” on

Guidelines for Constitutions and Bylaws of Small and Developing Lutheran Congregations – Can be found under “Guidelines & Frequently Noted Concerns” on